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Apple iPhone Battery: Alternative Tips to Closing Apps in Multitasking Menu

Apple iPhone Battery: Alternative Tips to Closing Apps in Multitasking Menu
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Apple iPhone Battery: Alternative Tips to Closing Apps in Multitasking Menu

There are better ways of saving Apple iPhone battery life than trying to close apps from the multitasking menu. Apple provides alternative tips to save iPhone’s battery life with smart and easy techniques.

Defying the persistent myth about iPhone’s battery saving feature, the company’s head of software, Craig Federighi, convinced users that shutting apps from the multitasking menu is not the right solution. He also added that using the multitasking menu for closing apps is rather a superstition than a reality.

Federighi explained that Apple’s iOS operating system is designed in a way to ensure that when apps are running in the background, they do not consume too much of battery power or processing power. And when these apps remain in a frozen state, that is, when they are not used, stay dormant and do not use battery life.

The Cupertino firm took to its own support pages where it wrote about how quitting apps is absolutely unnecessary. The multitasking menu is intended to resolve any problem with an app, rather than shutting it quite often, according to Times of India. Here, we list down a few quick fixes when the iPhone battery level is running low.

  • First, check the apps in the Battery tabs in Settings that are consuming most of power. Facebook is one of the most used apps that take up battery life very fast. What you can do is turn off the ‘Location’ option in the social networking site, which you will find under the privacy tab.
  • When the iPhone indicates that the battery power is below 20 percent, it is advisable to switch on the ‘Low Power Mode’. This stops some visual effects from functioning and even prevents background apps from getting refreshed.
  • You may even switch off Background App Refresh, which automatically prompts apps to update when on Wi-Fi or mobile networks, states Indian Express.

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