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Apple iPhone 7: Matt Gonzalez Explains Dual Camera Module In Concept Video

Apple iPhone 7: Matt Gonzalez Explains Dual Camera Module In Concept Video
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Apple iPhone 7: Matt Gonzalez Explains Dual Camera Module In Concept Video

In a recently published patent application in January, Apple divulged a dual-lens camera interface, and how it would look on future iOS devices.  If the rumors turn out to be true, we will see a Dual Camera module on the forthcoming iPhone 7.

The patent offers insights into the details of the dual-camera system. There are double lenses inside the camera- a standard wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens used for capturing zoomed-in photos and videos. The trick lies in using both cameras simultaneously for taking separate photo and video shots. Apple’s specially designed software plays instrumental in combining the separate photos and videos in the most unique manner.

You can use the split-screen view feature in the Camera app to show Images taken by both lenses on the same screen. The split-screen feature allows showing a zoomed image on one side and a standard wide-angle image on the other. While shooting, users can switch between the lenses by tapping on the photo for zooming in with the second lens, reports Phone Arena.

To describe it more specifically, Apple’s dual camera can be used for taking photos at a child’s birthday party. Parents can take several snapshots of the moments before, during and after the candles on the cakes are blown out. Then, with the use of dual-lens set-up, you can retrieve a close-up shot of the exact moment when the candles are blown out.

The zoom system features a lens that has a longer focal length which is capable of turning images crisper and clearer. Both camera lenses can be used separately, with one taking videos in slo-mo style, while the other taking photographs. The footages can be merged together in a creative fashion.

Macrumors videographer, Matt Gonzalez demonstrates the nuances of dual camera set up. He explains how the multiple cameras on Apple’s iPhone 7 has great picture taking capabilities.

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