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Apple iPhone 7 May Just Be Another iPhone 6s: iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 Pro Update, Rumors & Leaks

Apple iPhone 7 May Just Be Another iPhone 6s: iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 Pro Update, Rumors & Leaks
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Apple iPhone 7 May Just Be Another iPhone 6s: iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 Pro Update, Rumors & Leaks

The iPhone 7 is scheduled to be unveiled to the market later this year. However, there are rampant speculations that the new smartphone is just a mere iteration of the current iPhone 6 rather than an independently new model.

This rumor got a sort of confirmation at the release of iPhone 7 cases. Its size and form alone suggest the iPhone 7 does not vary much from the iPhone 6 when it comes to height, width and thickness. In fact, one Apple devoted tech site had decided to put an iPhone 6 into the iPhone 7 case just to be sure and to no one’s surprise, it fits almost perfectly with the mute switch, power button and volume buttons expected to remain where they are on the iPhone 6.

Almost is the keyword here, however. Despite the iPhone 7 case fitting well on Apple’s existing smartphone, certain differences were also clearly seen. For one, Mac Rumors points out that as far as the cutout for the camera in the back goes, the iPhone 6 camera does not fit since the said cutout is lower and wider. This, in turn, is fueling the rumors that the iPhone 7 (or at least the iPhone 7 Plus) will have a dual camera technology.

At the bottom of the case, it can also be clearly seen there is no longer a cutout for a headphone jack, something which Apple was rumored to be removing from its next model of iPhone early on. What remains to be seen, however, is if a second speaker will now take the headphone jack’s place. Aside from this, the new case also reveals that the iPhone 7 will also see antenna bands getting re-positioned.

At the same time, Apple’s new flagship may also have improved water resistant technology. Inside the upcoming iPhone 7, rumors are insisting that it will have an A10 processor along with 2GB RAM.

Meanwhile, Slash Gear is also pointing out that Apple might just come out with what’s being referred to as an iPhone 7 Pro just like the iPad Pro. In the case of the iPad, what turned it Pro was primarily a larger display and an attached Apple Pencil. However, a gadget like the iPhone 7 might require a much smaller Apple Pencil, which might be too costly to manufacture.

The iPhone 7 launch is now just a few months away. It remains to be seen if the upcoming smartphone from Apple will impress or fail to capture the market.

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