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Apple iPhone 7 Design Will Have Ceramic Design Like OnePLus X & Other Improvements

Apple iPhone 7 Design Will Have Ceramic Design Like OnePLus X & Other Improvements
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Apple iPhone 7 Design Will Have Ceramic Design Like OnePLus X & Other Improvements

The Apple iPhone 7 2016 handset is due in September and with a few months still left, the rumor mill is running wild with several news.  The latest speculation is a ceramic design likely to be used for the back cover of the phone, just like the OnePlus X. However, one thing for sure the iPhone 7 will have more to offer than what you enjoyed in the iPhone 6s.

It is still too early to make guesses, but new reports raise an interesting possibility. Apple aims at including revolutionary changes with the new releases, and therefore the iPhone 7 might have new upgrades with stylish designs and ceramic finishes. The Cupertino firm has more plans for its next biggest launch, and design-wise, the possibilities are innumerable. The company is expected to cancel the antenna band on the rear side to improve the phone’s durability.

Based on rendering images and rumors, the Apple iPhone 7 will possibly come with a Super AMOLED display panel, Apple’s own A10 processor, improved 3D Touch technology and 12MP rear camera. Given the sluggish sales growth of the iPhone 6s, Apple might bring major upgrades in terms of functions and design components to the upcoming phone to ensure boosted sales, reports Business Korea.

Scopes for new features came up when designer Herman Haidin’s drawings were published on, which showed an iphone made of ‘liquidmetal’. Apple acquired the patent rights for it in 2010 and there are strong chances for the Cupertino firm to include the same design theory for the iPhone 7 to make it absolutely waterproof.

Apple loves to experiment with new ideas and in the pursuit of it, the company is always re-inventing. This time, the company aims at slimming the upcoming phone, but it has many challenges associated with it. While ensuring an appealing look, Apple needs to ensure significant improvements in camera quality and technology, a faster processor, visually-enhanced display and more. From an industrial design perspective, the iPhone 7 is expected to be refined version of the iPhone 6s, states Motley Fool.

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