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Apple iPhone 6s: 7 Hidden Facts About 3D Touch Technology

Apple iPhone 6s: 7 Hidden Facts About 3D Touch Technology
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Apple iPhone 6s: 7 Hidden Facts About 3D Touch Technology

Did you know that your Apple iPhone 6s has many surprises that you don’t know yet? Learn tricks on using your iPhone 6s 3D Touch function that will help you discover more about the device. In this article we will discuss about 7 of the most essential tricks and tips of using your iPhone 6s to boost user experience.

  • Did you know that the iPhone 6s offers a new way of opening the app switcher? Push on the left side of the screen gently downwards and the App Switcher will appear. Swiping a little bit to the right on the option will help you activate the fast app switcher. If you swipe to the extreme right of the screen, it will take you back to the previous app.
  • To edit a text, you push on it. A magnifying glass appears that shows you options of copy, paste, edit, etc. However, with 3D Touch the iPhone keyboard transforms into a trackpad. Now when you push the trackpad harder, it highlights several options for selecting words, paragraphs and sentences.
  • 3D Touch helps you quickly shuffle, play and add your favorite song number to “My Music”. Apply pressure on the cover page of the album or music and several options will appear instantly.
  • Now make calls, send messages and FaceTime a contact by simply applying pressure on the contact’s photo in the Mail app, Contacts app and Messages app.
  • Finding addresses is very easy with 3D Touch. Suppose a location is showing on a topography map on your iPhone screen, press on it and you get the exact direction to that location along with contact number of that address, and a share button to help you share the location with friends.
  • Here is how to quickly reply to your friend or colleague in the conversation box. Push on the conversation that will open a few options such as ‘Ok’, ‘Thanks’ and ‘Talk later’. If you want to write your own message, click on the Custom button that will open a text box.
  • The ‘flight data detector’ is one of the most crucial features in iOS 9. With this feature you can detect a flight information written in email, note or text. Now, push down on flight data text, which will open up the option ‘Preview Flight’. Slide up the windows which open an option to help you copy the flight details, states Forbes.

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