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Apple iOS 9: How To Get Next iPhone Upgrade Before Time

Apple iOS 9: How To Get Next iPhone Upgrade Before Time
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Apple iOS 9: How To Get Next iPhone Upgrade Before Time

Apple is releasing its upcoming iOS upgrade ahead of schedule. It will be the first time Apple will unveil the latest upgrade – releasing in beta – to the public. Until now, an early access was only given to developers.

The iOS 9 beta has a lot of improved features. Users can visit Apple’s website and get access to the upgraded operating system.

According to Business Insider, the company won’t release the official update until fall this year. While the beta version is more or less a rough cut of the final version, it gives a pretty comprehensive idea of what the users can expect from the upgrade. reports that some of the features the latest upgrade incorporates include improvement on intelligence and productivity, allowing the device to take into account the user’s activities and make recommendations according to the gathered information; Siri’s abilities will now include creating reminders and consolidating user’s most used and favorite applications and contacts; search capabilities will be enhanced, giving the users an easy access to, for example, sports scores, videos and other content from third party apps; and the introduction of a news app, which will keep track of what the user is reading and make recommendations based on one’s reading habits.

The beta upgrade will also feature a Feedback Assistant app, through which users will be able to provide their feedback.

Apple wrote, “Each public beta comes with a built-in Feedback Assistant app that appears in your Dock on your Mac and on the second page of your Home screen on your iOS device. When you come across an issue that needs addressing, send your report directly to Apple with Feedback Assistant.”

The company also asks users to be cautious. Since it is a beta version, Apple asks that users backup their devices before downloading the upgraded operating system.

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Apple wrote, “Please note that since the public beta software has not yet been commercially released by Apple, it may contain errors or inaccuracies and may not function as well as commercially released software.

“Be sure to back up your Mac using Time Machine and your iOS device with iTunes before installing beta software.

“Install only on non-production devices that are not business critical. We strongly recommend installing on a secondary system or device, or on a secondary partition on your Mac.”


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