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Apple iOS 9 Focuses On Stability And Optimization – Report

Apple iOS 9 Focuses On Stability And Optimization – Report


Apple iOS 9 Focuses On Stability And Optimization – Report

Apple iOS 9 will provide more stable and optimized operating system instead of smorgasbord of new features, according to unnamed sources who spoke with 9to5Mac. The iOS 9 launch is said to be happening on Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June, the report said.

Apple had traditionally introduced new features every time it launches versions of iOS in the past. However, for the iOS 9, the company is said to be bringing instead stability and performance enhancements to its mobile operating system.

iOS 9 will include “a collection of under-the-hood improvements,” 9to5Mac reported. Apple Engineers are said to be exerting best efforts to fix bugs, promoting stability and enhancing iOS 9 performances rather than piling up with new features, the sources told 9to5mac.

Apple has yet to mention iOS 9 from its iOS Developer Library. The most recent beta release the company made was iOS SDK 8.3. The beta, released on Monday, is packed with variety of tools that include the Xcode IDE and the Instruments analysis tool, according to the Release Note for iOS 8.3 Beta.

With iOS 8.3, developers can create apps for the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 8. The SDK already includes WatchKit, a framework for developing Apple Watch apps. It also changes the CarPlay menu found in the General category of the Settings application. Apple iOS 8.3 also brings with it a newly designed emoji keyboard.

Apple iOS 8.3 is seemingly supporting the much anticipated Apple Watch. The question now is what devices will iOS 9 supports given that Apple’s newly launched operating systems do not support older devices. iOS 8 did not support the iPhone 4 and older iPhone models, as well as older models of the iPod Touch and the iPad, CNET noted.

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