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Apple Invites Fashion Magazine Editors and Fashion Moguls to its September 9 Event

Apple Invites Fashion Magazine Editors and Fashion Moguls to its September 9 Event


Apple Invites Fashion Magazine Editors and Fashion Moguls to its September 9 Event

Apple Invites Fashion Mag EditorsApple is definitely going to go fashionista during its September 9 event and we are almost sure the fruit company will introduce a wearable device as the company has invited high caliber fashion editors and prolific fashion bloggers to its media event on Tuesday.

In recent years, Apple has brought into its fold several top fashion-related personas like Paul Deneve, former Yves Saint Laurent CEO; former vice president of Tag Heuer’s global sales and retail, Patrick Pruniaux; and Angela Ahrendts, Burberry Inc.’s former chief executive. The mere presence of these fashion people at Apple gives us the insight that, indeed, Apple will unveil its first-ever wearable iDevice during its September affair.

As previously reported, even Apple’s greatest competitors are looking forward and are actually rooting for Apple’s wearable device to come forth and break the barrier that’s been blocking the wearable niche market for the longest time now. Korean giants Samsung and LG already have their own versions of wearable devices, their watches, in the market for several months now but these releases barely registered to the consumers and have not really taken off. They remained as trinkets for the masses and only those hardcore followers of the brands mentioned took a second glance at what these watches offered and even fewer bought them for posterity’s sake.

But if Apple unleashes its media-dubbed iWatch on the 9th in front of all these top fashion moguls and wows them with its still unknown features, then things might just suddenly change not only for Apple’s benefit but also for those of other companies who already have invested heavily in the wearable market. Again, Apple is poised to become the trendsetter in the wearable market niche!

The release of this smartwatch, the iWatch, would also be marked as the very first new product developed by Apple solely under main man Tim Cook after he took the reigns from Steve Jobs as CEO.

Mark the date and the time: September 9, 2014; 10 AM Pacific and 1 PM Eastern. The event will be streamed live to all iDevices so make sure you’re online to get the freshest news as they come!

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