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Apple Inc’s iPhone Still Dominates the US Smartphone Market

Apple Inc’s iPhone Still Dominates the US Smartphone Market


Apple Inc’s iPhone Still Dominates the US Smartphone Market

More Americans still preferred iPhones over any other smartphones in 2013. This is based on data recently released by the NPD Group. Apple Inc has retained its position as the top smartphone manufacturer in the US, while iPhones remain as the most popular handsets in the country.

The consumer market research firm revealed that over 121 million units of smartphones were sold in the US alone last year. Of this figure, 45% were iPhones. That was up from 44% in 2012. Apple has been dominating US sales for many years now.

The competitors 

Not surprisingly, Samsung Electronics remain as the second most popular smartphone maker in the country. It was estimated that about 26% of the total handset sales in the US last year comprised of Samsung phones, which were mostly its Galaxy S4 and Note 3.

LG Electronics was the third biggest smartphone manufacturer in the US, accounting for 8% of the market. It was followed by HTC, which accounted for 6% of total smartphone sales in the country. Meanwhile, trailing behind in the list is Motorola, which took 4% market share last year.

More details

Overall, the data showed that the US smartphone market increased 21% in 2013. That was despite the fact that sales slowed down in the fourth quarter and sales of units also fell 10% year-on-year.

The growth mostly came from sales of prepaid devices. Those jumped 68%, accounting for about 29% of the total local smartphone market. That was up from 14% in 2011. On the other hand, postpaid devices fell 71% in market share after growing less than 10% last year.

An analysis

According to NPD’s vice president of industry analysis Stephen Baker, 2013 was generally a year of stability for the smartphone market. Industry growth was almost similar to that posted in 2012. He added that obviously, the gap between rivals Apple and Samsung as well as the rest of the industry expanded again.

Interestingly, consumers making less than $30,000 annually bought smartphones more than their wealthier counterparts. Sales from the demographics doubled in the period. Its sales accounted for 31% of total smartphone sales.

More affluent customers who make over $100,000 comprised of just 23% of all buyers of smartphones in the same period. That figure was down by 2013 compared to the figures in 2011. This year, Apple is taking a bigger challenge to remain as the market leader despite the many changes in the market.

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