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Apple Inc’s App Store Sales Reach Record $10 Billion in 2013

Apple Inc’s App Store Sales Reach Record $10 Billion in 2013


Apple Inc’s App Store Sales Reach Record $10 Billion in 2013

Apple Inc App Store Sales Reach Record $10 Billion in 2013Apple Inc’s App Store recently celebrated its fifth anniversary by recounting several of its biggest milestones. Among those highlighted were the one-billionth download posted on April 2009, the premier of Angry Birds (one of the most successful mobile games in the platform) on February 12, 2010, and the 50 billion downloads generated in total from its birth to May 2013.

Now, the popular application store is set to celebrate another amazing milestone. Apple could not be prouder when it announced that sales of the App Store have already reached a record $10 billion in 2013. The giant technology firm said the figure was significantly bolstered by the billion app downloads generated in December 3 alone and the $1 billion sales earned that same day. Thus, last December is now considered as the app store’s most successful month in its history.

Successful developers

Apple revealed that numerous developers have raked in huge profits from the massive success of the app marketplace. The company estimated that those developers took home as much as $15 billion to date logically from robust downloads and sales from iOS users.

The company thinks it should give credits to the success of its previous iOS 7 update. According to Apple, the updated mobile operating system obviously inspired more developers to create new and better mobile applications, which actually take advantages and make the most of the new user interface. Among those developers that were particularly cited were Yahoo, Evernote, AirBnB, Tumblr, OpenTable, American Airlines, and Pinterest.

Apple did not fail to cite the launch of surprising hits like ProtoGeo’s Moves, Ellen DeGeneres’ Heads Up, Kevin Ng’s Impossible Road, and Simon Flip’s Afterlight. Of course, never to be missed were the all-time fan favorites and massive international sensations like QuizUp, Minecraft, and Candy Crush Saga.

Poised for 2014

The company clarified that the numbers included only paid apps. It reiterated that the holiday season sales were really ‘astonishing.’ Thus, Apple could not help but be more bullish on its outlook for this year. It expects another record year for App Store.

Cupertino is betting on some of the apps that it thinks would be massive hits this 2014. Among those are Duolingo in the US, Frogmind from the UK, Simogo from Sweden, Atypical Games from Romania, Plain Vanilla Corp from Iceland, BASE from Japan, and Lemonista from China.

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