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Apple Inc Starts Battery Replacement Program for iPhone 5 Users

Apple Inc Starts Battery Replacement Program for iPhone 5 Users


Apple Inc Starts Battery Replacement Program for iPhone 5 Users

Apple Inc Starts Battery Replacement Program for iPhone 5 UsersThis is good news to all iPhone 5 users who have been complaining about the short battery life of their units. If you are charging your device more frequently, you may have to replace the battery. Apple Inc has just announced the commencement of its battery replacement program for iPhone 5 users.

The giant technology firm, in a statement, said it is now offering to replace batteries of a small percentage of users of the iPhone 5. Not all users of the device may qualify for this scheme. According to the company, it would only replace batteries of units that were bought from September 2012 to January 2013.

If you are not aware of this program, you should rave because you can make the replacement immediately. The replacement process already started last August 22 here in the country and in China. iPhone 5 users in other countries should not worry. The company will start the battery replacement program in their areas beginning August 29 (Friday).

Who’s eligible?

To determine the eligibility of your iPhone 5, go to the company’s official Website. Find out the serial number of your unit by proceeding to Settings, then General, and About, then click Serial number. Enter those digits in the designated field on the online site.

However, Apple has set a few limitations to the eligibility for the program. First, you can only replace the battery of your iPhone in the country where it was purchased. If there are questions or doubts, or if you have bought your unit from another person and you are not very sure where it was bought, you may conduct a pre-visit phone call with any Apple store in your area.

Other requirements

The company also requires the unit to be functional. iPhone 5 units with damages may not qualify for the replacement program. Among the common damages to be watched out for are cracked screens. But the unit could still qualify if it would be repaired properly before it is brought to the center for battery replacement.

If you have already had your battery replaced before this program was announced, you can qualify for a refund of the amount you spent for that transaction. To know more about how to get back the money you used for the replacement, get in touch with Apple personnel. This battery replacement program is free of charge.

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