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Apple Inc Reportedly Plans to Release iOS 7.1 in March

Apple Inc Reportedly Plans to Release iOS 7.1 in March


Apple Inc Reportedly Plans to Release iOS 7.1 in March

The rumor mill is again churning. This time, it is focused at Apple Inc, which is now being speculated to be planning to release the latest iOS 7 major update in ‘early March.’ If that would be accurate, iOS users will have to wait a few more weeks before they finally get hold of the update with the patches and fixes they need for uncovered anomalies on their iPhones.

In comparison, recent rumors about the release of iOS 7.1 were pointing out that the update would come really soon. If those reports were accurate, the updated version of the operating system could have already been updated by now.

Sources also claim that the current beta version of iOS, beta version 5, would be the last before the release of iOS 7.1. It has become a customary practice by Apple to release such beta versions to test updates long before the actual version is released on iTunes and App Store.

Expected changes

So what can we expect from the latest update? Apple is reportedly adding more tweaks into the software. First would be the disabling of the parallax effect for installing wallpaper. It would reportedly be possible through a new setting to be called as ‘perspective zoom.’ It can reportedly be set immediately following the downloading of new wallpaper.

iOS 7.1 would also reportedly bring about new tweaks on the user interface. You may then expect changes on how the screen appears as you make and answer phone calls. Circular icons are expected to get into the mix. Backspace and shift keys would reportedly be highlighted on the keyboard and the letters would be a bit bolder compared to how they have been displayed in earlier iOS iterations.

More changes

There are more changes on the pipeline. The ‘slide to unlock’ as well as ‘slide to power off’ buttons would soon reportedly feature tweaked animation. There would also be more bounce when a user scrolls down through the Messages on the iOS device. Creating new contacts would also be different as ‘+ Add to Contacts’ would reportedly be eliminated.

The software update is also expected to come with several critical bug fixes. Those would include a patch that would fix a recently discovered exploit that makes it easier to bypass a user’s password restrictions. Thus, iOS 7.1 would help make the software get safer. 

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