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Apple Inc Releases iOS 7.0.4 to Fix Problems Regarding FaceTime Calls

Apple Inc Releases iOS 7.0.4 to Fix Problems Regarding FaceTime Calls


Apple Inc Releases iOS 7.0.4 to Fix Problems Regarding FaceTime Calls

Apple Inc Releases iOS 7.0.4Apple Inc has just rolled out another update for its iOS 7. The technology firm today released iOS 7.0.4, which specifically addresses a problem that has been affecting several users of messaging app FaceTime. At the same time, the update contains changes to the interface of iBooks and iTunes U.

The update is aimed primarily at resolving issues that cause calls made through FaceTime to fail. The app is now one of the most popular among iPhone users, who are into free video calls. The problem has been reported by several users in the past few weeks.

As expected, many users who have been affected by the issue are posting their raves about this patch through social networks like Twitter. Logically, some iOS users could not care less especially those who don’t use FaceTime.

How to download and install the update

iOS 7.0.4 is an update that has the size of about 66.2MB. At least 1.2GB of storage is required for its installation on the iOS device. The update is available on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. For the fourth-generation iPod Touch, the same update is released as iOS 6.1.5.

To access and initiate the update, a user has to navigate to the Settings tab on the device. From there, he should go to General and choose Software Update. The task could be carried out while connected on Internet or Wi-Fi. A user could also opt to download it through iTunes, which could be done by simply plugging in the gadget into any PC.

iBooks and iTunes U interface improvements

Apple has also used iOS 7.0.4 as an update to bring about necessary makeover to its iBooks and iTunes U services. To align with skeuomorphic designs, the company is dumping the bookshelf in iBooks to replace it with shaded and white rows as well as flat text that has become inherent to iOS 7.

Users should also notice that the icon for iBooks was also changed. It now appears as an orange icon that comes with a flat book right in its middle. It replaces the original design, which somehow appears to match iBooks’ ‘wooden’ interface design. For its part, iTunes U now features an almost similar light color scheme that gives the app a fresh, new look. Aside from the appearance, Apple has not done much to change how both apps function.

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