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Apple Inc Files another Patent for Solar-Powered Device Charger

Apple Inc Files another Patent for Solar-Powered Device Charger


Apple Inc Files another Patent for Solar-Powered Device Charger

Apple Inc Files another Patent for Solar-Powered Device ChargerThis is the age when there are greater calls to use renewable energy sources. Not surprisingly, Apple Inc is aiming to develop an energy-efficient option that would potentially help its customers avoid the hassles of draining batteries while on the go. The technology firm has recently applied for a new patent for a portable solar panel charger. It is actually its third patent for such an accessory.

According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, the company filed patent for a power management system that would be powered by sunlight. It would provide power to any iOS or Mac device. The technology would feature a charger and a system micro controller.

Once an Apple device is plugged into the system, power would flow through an AC- to DC adapter. Power could also flow directly through the panel’s output prior to measurement and conversion to ideal voltage.

Other similar patents from Apple

It could be recalled that the Patent Office granted a similar patent to Apple last February. That one covered solar panel configurations and integrated touch sensors. If it would be developed, that solar panel charger would facilitate touch-based tasks and also charge at the same time.

In early 2011, another solar powered patent was filed. It tipped voltage conversion with input that could possibly be sourced from solar power with output attached to a portable electronic device. Apple then said the system would keep a pre-determined range of solar power source.

Targeting renewable energy sources

It should be noted that patent applications don’t always result to actual products. Those could be considered as secured possibilities. That is why the first two solar powered charger patents from Apple are yet to see the dawn of light. But those patents could never be ruled out as the company may opt to develop those sooner or later. However, many users of Apple devices hope the company would finally come up with such technology.

Apple seems to be determined to utilize renewable energy sources like solar power. In 2011, there were reports that it was putting up a solar farm within the proximity of a North Carolina data center. If that project only pushed through, it could provide energy to that entire facility. This year, the company revealed that its data centers and other corporate facilities worldwide are already fully utilizing renewable energy sources.

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