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Apple Inc Celebrates 30th Birthday of Macintosh

Apple Inc Celebrates 30th Birthday of Macintosh


Apple Inc Celebrates 30th Birthday of Macintosh

Apple Inc Celebrates 30th Birthday of MacintoshIt was on January 24, 1984 when the late Steve Jobs introduced Macintosh to the world. Thirty years after, the Mac remains as a strong symbolism of Apple Inc’s technological innovativeness and leadership. In fact, many of us would agree that it is hard to imagine how Apple could possibly be the successful company it is today without the Mac.

On Friday, the giant technology firm celebrated the 30th anniversary of Mac with a bang. It was a day of festivities at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. Capping the special celebration was a live concert where the group OneRepublic performed.

Special live concert

The celebration coincided with the company’s regular ‘beer bashes.’ No less that CEO Tim Cook came up on stage to open the event through his brief speech that recognized the Mac as a milestone. In that speech, Mr. Cook said that the company does not usually spend time looking back, but on that day, Apple was taking an exception to celebrate Mac’s 30th birthday.

Mr. Cook was accompanied by other top ranking executives of Apple. Before that special concert, the company officials spent time to grace interviews by the press, with a coverage that was dubbed as ‘Mac 30.’ Most of the executives also appeared in several TV interviews that day to herald the special celebration. On that same day, Mr. Cook also posted three tweets to wish Mac a happy birthday and to direct followers to a mini site especially made for the celebration.

Mac 30 mini site

On that same day, Apple also launched a microsite that features several fond memories involving Mac machines through the years. The content of the special site were contributed by creative professionals from the likes of Moby, photographer Jon Stanmeyer, and artist April Greiman.

The special Website has content that exemplifies educational, creative, and scientific milestones in the last 30 years. It attaches renowned faces to every generation of the hardware from the first and original Mac to the latest Mac Pro.

Of course, Apple did not miss to put an interactive component to Mac 30 mini site. A section dubbed as ‘Your First Mac’ asks visitors to relate their first experiences in using Mac. There’s a brief quiz as well that aims to encourage participants to enumerate some general activities that made them use the machine. Apple is tabulating responses to give more ideas about how Mac has been useful throughout the years.

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