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Apple Inc and Motorola Agree to End Patent Battle

Apple Inc and Motorola Agree to End Patent Battle


Apple Inc and Motorola Agree to End Patent Battle

Apple Inc and Motorola Agree to End Patent BattleApple Inc and Motorola Mobility are finally burying the hatchet. The two companies filed court documents last Friday to end the legal cases that each have thrown against each other. They have revealed that the patent truce is an agreement between them.

The two firms have entered into an agreement to dismiss each litigation against each other. They have also signed a deal to put a stop to squabbling of mobile patents. Apple and Google’s Motorola released a joint statement to herald the monumental arrangement.

Aside from dumping all the cases against each other, both companies also agreed to possibly work together to institute patent reform in some areas. They have reiterated that the agreement excludes possible cross licensing.

The start of the fight

It can be recalled that the fight between Google and Motorola started in November 2012. It was Motorola that filed the first complaint against Google. As expected, Apple reacted by countersuing the firm.

Through the years, the cases have evolved and have expanded into different courts. In January of this year, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit upheld a court decision handed in April 2013 by the International Trade Commission. The court ruling favored Apple.

There is no word about the possibility of one of those paying a significant amount just to reach settlement. It is also not clear which approached the other to settle the disputes. If it would help as an information, Google recently announced plans to sell Motorola to Chinese PC maker Lenovo in a deal that is yet to be completed.

Winning streak for Apple

Just last month, the European Union found that Motorola abused its power when it sought patent-linked injunctions against Apple Inc in Germany. The standard essential patents (SEP) agree to hand over licensing deals if the opposing party os wiling instead of seeking product bans.

In a recent media interview with a newspaper, Apple Inc has revealed that the deal will not pose an impact to its current patent litigation against another technology firm, Samsung.

It seems like Apple is currently on a string of victories against adversaries. It recently won in a court battle against Samsung, which was required to pay Apple $120 million. However, Apple was seeking a $2 billion damage from the South Korean technology firm.

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