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Apple Inc Adds ‘Sharing Selfies’ Category to Its App Store

Apple Inc Adds ‘Sharing Selfies’ Category to Its App Store


Apple Inc Adds ‘Sharing Selfies’ Category to Its App Store

Just recently, ‘selfie’ made headlines when TV host Ellen DeGeneres took a photo of herself with several A-list Hollywood celebrities at the recent Academy Awards night. It set a record of being the most re-tweeted selfie across the online media.

The word selfie was declared by the Oxford Dictionaries as the word of the year for 2013. It has become part of daily vocabularies in many countries worldwide as more and more consumers get hooked to the use of smartphones with camera features, which could be used for taking self-pictures.

Now, the word is receiving another honor. Apple Inc has officially included a new category called ‘Sharing Selfies’ to its own App Store. If a user clicks on the icon, there would be a few apps to be displayed that are all dedicated for expressing users’ selves through taking of selfies.

Selfie apps

Initially, there are just a few apps that could be currently found in the selfie category. Many observers think that this could be the giant technology firm’s first foray into rounding up several must-have apps before other photo-taking apps flood this section.

For now, some of the new apps available through the App Store category are Frontback, Samba, Snapchat, and SnapDash. The list also includes ‘1 Second Everyday,’ which easily catches attention because of how humorously it was named.

1 Second Everyday should allow users to record a single second of each day. It can also be a reminder system if ever the users would forget about the daily introspection. Once completed over a specific course of a lifetime, it could facilitate creation of a multi-hour video that may summarize every significant thing that happened to the user within a certain period.

Enjoy while it lasts

It is not yet clear if Sharing Selfies would be a permanent category in the app store. For now, there are indications that this specific category of apps could eventually exist in perpetuity. To some, it could be considered as another addition to what Apple is already using to highlight and group specific apps.

Many analysts, therefore, advise consumers to enjoy the category while it lasts. There is no certainty if it would last longer than expected. To all those selfie addicts around the world, it is time to try out some or all of the apps in the new app store category. 

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