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Apple Inc (AAPL) Reportedly Plans to unveil 12-inch ‘Ultra Slim’ MacBook Next Year

Apple Inc (AAPL) Reportedly Plans to unveil 12-inch ‘Ultra Slim’ MacBook Next Year


Apple Inc (AAPL) Reportedly Plans to unveil 12-inch ‘Ultra Slim’ MacBook Next Year

Apple Inc Reportedly Plans to unveil 12-inch ‘Ultra Slim’ MacBookThose who have been expecting MacBook to get even slimmer than the MacBook Air should watch out next year. Apple Inc is reportedly developing an ultra-slim MacBook that features a 12-inch screen and a Retina display. If the supposed timetable would be observed, that new product could possibly be expected to be launched by the middle of 2014.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst from KGI Securities, that new MacBook would certainly be slimmer compared to MacBook Air. The unprecedented model, he asserted, is predicted to feature the portability and productivity of the 11-inch and the 13-inch models, respectively. He added that the high resolution display would facilitate a more outstanding visual experience comparable to that brought about by the Retina MacBook Pro.

Interesting features

The ultra slim MacBook would also be lighter aside from being slimmer compared to the current MacBook Air. As for the form, the new PC model would likely showcase a further improved clamshell structure. With all these features, it is expected to once again redefine laptop computing after the milestone obtained by MacBook Air.

What’s more? That new MacBook is also reportedly coming with cheaper tag price. It would be less costly compared to the current line of PCs from the Retina MacBook Pro. This should not surprise anyone. Sources claim that the reasonable pricing scheme could be attributed to the improving yield rate. In any way, this would certainly be good news especially to those who are somehow budget conscious.

Jibing with another report

Kuo’s claims about the ultra slim MacBook incidentally coincides and jibes with the recent report released by analysts from NPD DisplaySearch. According to them, Apple is considering the prospects of possibly introducing a new model of 12-inch MacBook Air sometime next year.

NPD DisplaySearch had already indicated that the supposed upcoming MacBook would have an impressive resolution. It could be about 2304 X 1440 pixels. Other than this information, many data are still unknown about that project.

The two speculations about the ultra-slim devices next year are consistent with previous reports that Apple is reportedly adopting IGZO displays soon. IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) displays, identified with Sharp Electronics, are made of unique semiconducting materials for better quality of resolution despite efficient consumption of power. There are reports that Apple would integrate IGZO displays into many of its products in the future.

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