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Apple Gets Approval on Patent For A Force Senstive Touch Keyboard For MacBooks

Apple Gets Approval on Patent For A Force Senstive Touch Keyboard For MacBooks
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Apple Gets Approval on Patent For A Force Senstive Touch Keyboard For MacBooks

Apple had filed a patent application in 2014 for a more configurable keyboard that has a “force sensitive sheet” that functions like an oversized trackpad, instead of traditional keys. Last week, the patent was granted, allowing the Cupertino-based firm to build its future MacBooks potentially thinner.

The patent is called “Configurable Force-Sensitive Input Structure for Electronic Devices” that describes a haptic-powered touch keyboard with no physical switches, but a touch-sensitive board featuring virtual keys. Forbes reports Apple is planning to make its laptop line thinner than ever by completely abandoning keyboards in lieu of a large trackpad.

Being called “zero-travel”, the keyboard structure doesn’t show any noticeable physical mechanism movements when the user presses on the board. The interesting point to be noted is the trackpad that can adjust its input settings depending on the software application used in the form of a game pad, a track pad and a number pad.

The patent also suggests that the larger trackpad would collect lesser debris and would be less susceptible to damage. It appears that the techno giant is eager to implement the keyless solution very soon.

To help you understand it better, the current keyboard uses input components which are dependable on each other. But the new haptic keyboard will use components that will be operating freely. The possibilities are endless with the new concept as it will allow manufacturers to customize the different input areas on the trackpad according to needs of the users, reports Dezeen.

It should be noted that Apple often files for patent rights, but only a few of them manage to pass the government’s set of rules and guidelines. Now that this patent has been given a go signal, we can expect a futuristic design for a great typing experience in terms of accuracy and speed.

For some time the company has been trying to slim down its laptop, with the keyboard remaining one of the thickest single components that needed to be trimmed down, according to Geek. Stay tuned to our upcoming news to know when Apple finally comes up with its new patent design.

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