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Apple Doesn’t Care About iPhone 7, Wants iPhone 8

Apple Doesn’t Care About iPhone 7, Wants iPhone 8
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Apple Doesn’t Care About iPhone 7, Wants iPhone 8

Every year, the market anticipates major iPhone releases from Apple, but this year may be different from the previous. According to new reports, Apple is not devoting much of its efforts on the iPhone 7 because it is planning for a massive release in 2017: the iPhone 8.

Bigger Things Ahead for iPhone 8

As the day goes by, it appears that the next iPhone will be like the rest of the ones available in the market. Apple will reportedly refrain from following its traditional cycle of upgrades and will instead move to better things in 2017 in favor of the iPhone 8.

Previously, many believe that the iPhone 7 will see major upgrades, but it appears that Apple will settle for an incremental upgrade only. This means that people should expect the iPhone 7 to sport similar features as the iPhone 6s, as reported by Business Insider.

Apple will prefer a minimal approach to the iPhone 7 because it is supposedly preparing for the iPhone 8. Previously, Apple tried to introduce redesigned phones every two years. It will not happen this time.

Thinner iPhone 7

Although people should not expect much from the iPhone 7, the unit will still stand out, because Apple will reportedly remove the headphone jack. According to Market Watch, taking out the headphone jack will let Apple manufacture thinner and water resistant units.

Additionally, the Lighting connector will also serve a double function: as charging port and headphone link. Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities noted that taking out the headphone plug could trim down the iPhone built to one millimeter. As for the 2017 iPhone 8, new information suggests that it could feature an edge-to-edge screen and a fingerprint sensor. The sensor would be built into the screen, offering a different kind of user experience.

As with other tips and leaks, all information about the iPhone 7 must be taken with a grain of salt until Apple’s final announcement.

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