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Apple Competitors Rooting For the iWatch To Make it Big?

Apple Competitors Rooting For the iWatch To Make it Big?


Apple Competitors Rooting For the iWatch To Make it Big?

iWatchIt is already a given that Apple is the trendsetter in today’s technology driven world as almost anything Apple creates and unleashes to the public becomes the standard that other manufacturing companies follow.

This coming Tuesday, the 9th of September, Apple will once again be in the limelight as the company will share with the public its latest creations. Up to this writing, nothing is still definite as to what Apple will unveil during the affair but speculations are rife that Apple will announce the next iPhones and its very first wearable device, the iWatch.

Taking a quick glance in history, it is Apple that revolutionized the smartphone we know today with its introduction of the very first iPhone in June of 2007. After this, all other phone manufacturers took to Apple’s standards of esthetics and introduced their own take of Apple’s premier mobile handset. Next, Apple took the concept further and unleashed the iPad in April, 2010; again, making the tablet the standard that other tablets are measured up to today.

Up to this instant, nothing is known nor any part of the mythical iWatch had been leaked by the media but a lot of speculations abound about the iDevice and the more recent ones say that it will have a flexible sapphire screen and near field communication (NFC) capabilities. Of course, it will obviously be iPhone-connected and will run some version of Apple’s iOS, if not iOS 8 itself.

In a very peculiar twist of event, it appears that even Apple’s competitors, prominently Samsung and LG, are rooting for a wearable device from the Cupertino company. Both Samsung and LG have already presented their take on the wearable device but it seems that the niche market hasn’t caught on fire (yet).

So it’s no wonder that Apple’s rivals are also eagerly awaiting what kind of wearable device will take the center stage during Apple’s affair on the 9th.

Knowing that Apple’s magic is still very much potent, observers believe the iWatch will once again open the doors wide open for a market niche that other companies have failed to crack and will again become the standard for other wearables to emulate.

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