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Apple Cofounder: Time has come for an Android Based Apple Phone

Apple Cofounder: Time has come for an Android Based Apple Phone


Apple Cofounder: Time has come for an Android Based Apple Phone

Yes, you heard it right, Apple’s very own co-founder Steve Wozniak believes this should happen. At the apps world North American conference, he gave an interview in which he made these startling remarks and suggestions.

The interview was very extensive which touched on many minor details, including personal likings of colors in his iPhone 5s to the curious fictional operational system in the movies Her. However, the most interesting comment given by him during the interview was that he found it convenient that his former company would release phones with Android in them. This seems heretical to most of the Apple users.

Wozniak however, doesn’t believe that Apple should stop making the use phones. He simply believes that Apple should also release phones with Android platforms as a secondary phone market. He believes that the company can compete at two arenas at once and the combinations of the style and manufacturing of Apple with the global likeness for Android based phones, the company could compete very well and may even go on to create a monopoly on both the fronts.

However, to the people whose mouths are watering at the prospect of this, it may be mentioned that such a product isn’t likely to materialize, but it isn’t technically impossible too. Despite what his words may suggest, Wozniak was bullish about his former company, rejecting the claim that Apple’s progress and innovation had stalled out. When he was asked about Apple’s failure to introduce a new product in a new category that had been the hallmark of Apple’s credentials for the past decade or so, he said that Apple is definitely waiting for the right product for the right time because of the sudden influx of so many meaningless gadgets around.

He believes that products come from secret development which is undertaken by small teams of people who aren’t bothered by the fact that such rumors are lurking around the place, they just do their job at
innovation which has been quite good in the recent years.

Apple’s cofounder says that Samsung and the others haven’t innovated more than Apple. They have simply added new features. He also went on to say that people don’t choose a smart phone based on features, what really attracts them is innovation. He thinks that Apple has the bigger ability to say no. Maybe the old chap doesn’t understand the dynamics of the current market, does he?

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