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Apple Believes ‘iPad Pro’ Is A Replacement For The Laptop; Trying To Compete With ‘Surface Book?’

Apple Believes ‘iPad Pro’ Is A Replacement For The Laptop; Trying To Compete With ‘Surface Book?’


Apple Believes ‘iPad Pro’ Is A Replacement For The Laptop; Trying To Compete With ‘Surface Book?’

Tim Cook has some iPad Pro claims to make. He believes that the tablet can replace laptops.

Convertibles were introduced with a motive to slowly push laptops out of the market. But this doesn’t seem to be happening. Apple has now claimed that its upcoming 12.9-inch tablet “iPad Pro” has the potential to replace laptops. Will Apple be successful in doing so?

The fact that tablets were manufactured to blur the line between smartphones and laptops cannot be denied. The companies somewhere dreamed of coming up with a gadget that can compete with laptops. It looks like customers have not approved of the idea yet, so the manufacturers are trying their best to convince their audience to shift to these mini-computers and give up on their existing machines. Even the screen of tablets are now getting bigger, but they haven’t yet seen the success the makers have in mind for them.

After Samsung’s 18.4-inch “Galaxy View and Microsoft’s laptop-cum-tablet, “Surface Book,” Apple is set to launch “iPad Pro,” a mixture of both gadgets (big screen + entertainment device + a convertible). Tim Cook said in an interview given to The Telegraph, “I think if you’re looking at a PC, why would you buy a PC anymore?” In an another interview given to The Independent, he went one step further and said, “You can marry [the iPad Pro] with a keyboard cover that turns it into a laptop replacement.”

Microsoft’s Surface was also launched with the same motive but couldn’t capture the laptop market. Compared to Microsoft’s product, iPad has its own limitations as it runs on iOS, an operating system which comes with a big list of restrictions, including its incompatibility with other systems and software. Chances of it doing better than Surface are hence very low. Convertibles might be the future, but today, a chunk of people skipping their perfectly fine machines for gadgets still relatively new will remain a fantasy for now.

With regards to how far the company will go with iPad Pro claims, we will be able to tell you only after customers review the tablet themselves.

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