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Apple App Store Breakdown, Search Result Bug, Issue Resolved

Apple App Store Breakdown, Search Result Bug, Issue Resolved
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Apple App Store Breakdown, Search Result Bug, Issue Resolved

Earlier today, Apple users were infected with a new problem that affected their search experience while using the App store. The app’s keyword search was going haywire, unable to return back the desired search result the users asked for. Even typing the full name of a few major apps couldn’t be found in the app store. Tech companies like Google, Uber, Tumblr, Vine Youtube, Spotify and many others faced the same issue.

In the beginning, Apple’s system status page didn’t notify any problem with the app. But, its indicator was soon changed to yellow, with a note, “service is not working as expected for all users.”

The Apple developers were quick to realize the dire situation and updated their support page which stated, “Users are experiencing a problem with the App Store, We are investigating and will update the status as more information becomes available.”

A recent report from Apple suggests the issue has been resolved at 11:54 AM ET. However, investigation is still underway to confirm, as users report the problem has been clarified only for the high-profile apps like YouTube and Vine.

The bug that broke down the app was initially notified by users on Reddit and Twitter. Later, blogs like MacRumors and 9to5Mac published reports confirming the glitch. The issue didn’t affect only the App store, Developers who could have released their initial app in the store could have been the victims. App’s like Beme were reportedly trending in both Android and Apple. However, we haven’t received any statement from them by far.

Furthermore, users and developers who even tried reaching apps with the direct URL beginning with “” along with the app name could not reach the app and were led to a blank with an error message indicating “Http/1.1 Service Unavailable.”

Apple’s recent plan to improve a developer’s app in the search for pay, a strategy followed by Google for many years, could be in jeopardy after the fall of its App store. With more issues in the review process of the store, Apple could be in a tough spot convincing its developers to get onboard with its new advertising model.

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