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Apple To Accept Banged-Up iPhones As Part Of New Program

Apple To Accept Banged-Up iPhones As Part Of New Program
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Apple To Accept Banged-Up iPhones As Part Of New Program

A lot of firsts happened this 2016, and the year has just barely begun. One of the latest developments is Apple accepting banged up iPhone smartphones as a trade-in for those wanting an upgrade, reports Memphis Daily News.

Up until now, the Cupertino-based company has been known to offer credit to iPhone consumers only if the handset has working buttons and had its screens intact. It was reported that the tech firm, with this new way of leniency, more people will upgrade to new iPhone models. This, however, is only applicable to iPhone 5 and later models.

Recently, we learn that Apple Inc. has also told its investors that it may book its first revenue decline in 13 years when it reports quarterly earnings this April. The reason for this is partly due the weakening in the global economy. However, the market for smartphones was seen to have matured as well, after years of hot demands. It is uncovered that two-thirds of Apple’s revenue comes from iPhone.

According to 9To5Mac, the company is gearing up to launch this program of iPhone trade in for iPhones with damaged buttons, cameras, and screens, together with a new program that allows Apple Retail Stores to install screen protectors on iPhones.

So what are these programs and what does it cover? Well, the Apple Store Reuse and Recycle iPhone trade-in program will allow Apple Stores to give credit for iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units that has damaged displays, cameras and buttons within reason, which was previously not allowed.

When a smartphone breaks down or get destroyed accidentally, buying a new iPhone is cheaper than using the credit given for the trade in device and combining it to other financing plans or subsidies. But with the new program that is to take place anytime soon, both the tech company and the customer will benefit.

Apple will be able to sell new smartphones while the consumer saves more money on an updated unit. Currently, the trade-in values of the old program includes $50 USD for an iPhone 5s, $200 USD for an iPhone 6 and $250 USD for iPhone 6 Plus.

Meanwhile, the other program involves all Apple Stores to start offering screen protector installations on iPhones in the coming weeks. But for some select stores, this program has already begun. In order to make this program possible, it was reported that Apple may have partnered with at least one screen protector manufacturer, which some speculates it to be Belkin.

It is also to ensure that dedicated screen protector installation machines are brought back to stores. It was reported in the past, that Apple Stores were once told to not perform any screen protector installations on iPhones, since the installation of a third-party product may not go smoothly than expected.

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