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This App Alerts Undocumented Immigrants In The US

This App Alerts Undocumented Immigrants In The US
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This App Alerts Undocumented Immigrants In The US

There is now a mobile app that undocumented immigrants can use in case of roundups or raids in their area. The new app is called Notifica. Basically, it’s a panic button you can press when you need assistance the most.

Notifica is an app designed by global digital agency Huge in collaboration with immigrant youth-led organization United We Dream. It is designed to help undocumented immigrants fearing deportation by Donald Trump’s government. Notifica is designed to provide them with a reliable support network in case there is a raid in their area or they get detained while traveling.

According to a report from Wired, Notifica was the brainchild of Natalia Margolis, an engineer at Huge. She is also a San Franciscan who felt the need to do something to counter years of anti-immigrant policy that would sweep the country once Trump took office.

Deportation rudely interrupts families’ lives.

Margolis had to meet with women and Latinos to discuss civic action regularly. She heard stories about families afraid they could be deported any day. It also became clear that getting picked up by immigration agents can be traumatic and worrisome, especially for parents.

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That’s because they won’t be able to ask someone to pick up or take care of their kids once they’re taken. They also won’t be able to advise their employers why they can’t come. Bills will go unpaid. Life will be unfairly interrupted as people get taken to detention.

These problems inspired Margolis to create an app. She took the inspiration back to the office. Twenty-four hours later, Margolis had Notifica up and running.

Notifica sends several text messages in less than two seconds.

Notifica is a unique app specifically designed for undocumented immigrants. With this, users can easily select contacts they would want to be notified in case of an emergency. It comes with pre-loaded messages that can be sent immediately to one’s family, friends and even lawyer in case of emergencies.

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As for security, the alerts can’t be read by anyone once they have been loaded. At the same time, the app comes with a PIN code to secure information in the event the phone is stolen. Meanwhile, Huge also created a hotline for those who currently have no access to a phone but may be able to make a call later on.

Today, United We Dream is busily spreading the word about Notifica to various families, especially in New Mexico, Florida and Texas. These states are known for its large immigrant population. Nonetheless, the hope among users is that they’ll never have to use this panic button.

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