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Apocalyptic Vision Of Hell And Earth Seen In Burnt Bible

Apocalyptic Vision Of Hell And Earth Seen In Burnt Bible
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Apocalyptic Vision Of Hell And Earth Seen In Burnt Bible

A haunting message was found in the page of a burnt Bible after the devastating wildfire at Dollywood.

It was discovered by a Dollywood employee who was picking up debris from the park grounds. The page had a message describing what appears to be an apocalyptic vision of hell.

The Tennessee wildfire destroyed more than 150 structures and killed at least 3 people. The incident has displaced thousands. According to USA Today, Governor Bill Haslam said, “This is the largest fire in the state of Tennessee in 100 years.”

It was a torn piece of paper, but the message was clear

Isaac McCord, the one who made the discovery, found a piece of paper in a puddle of water.

According to another USA Today report, McCord is an alumnus of University of Tennessee and now works as a human resource training coordinator at Dollywood. He had no idea what the paper contained, but he was curious enough to pick it up considering the circumstances.

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McCord said in a phone interview with USA Today, “As soon as I got down on the ground, I noticed it was a Bible verse, and I was like holy crap.” He wanted to take care of it in the best manner, so he gently scooped it up. He did best to carry it.

The page came from Book of Joel

The edges were burned black, rendering plenty of words unreadable. But the right side of the paper was preserved enough to get the message across.

The page, posted on the Facebook page of McCord, reads, “O Lord, to thee will I cry: For the fire hath devoured the pastures of the wilderness, and the flame hath burned all the trees of the field.”

The page seems to be from the Book of Joel from the King James Bible. The reference points to how a fire would end the wilderness.

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