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Antigo Prom Shooting: Facts To Know About This Horrifying Incident

Antigo Prom Shooting: Facts To Know About This Horrifying Incident

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Antigo Prom Shooting: Facts To Know About This Horrifying Incident

The Antigo Police Department has gunned down the lone suspect of the Antigo High School prom shooting later identified as Jacob Wagner, 18.

The Antigo Police Department has already issued an official statement confirming Wagner’s death after a police officer shot him while the latter was in pursuit of the suspect.

Reports from local police showed Wagner opened fire in a high school prom shooting at random victims. Two high teens, one male and one female, have so far died due to the shootings, according to a report from the WSAW News, .

Minutes after Wagner was shot, he was flown to the nearest hospital, but was declared dead before even reaching to the hospital. The Antigo Police Department, however, refused to give details on which part of the body Wagner was shot.

The report added that the investigation whether Wagner was summarily killed or the police officer went overboard when he killed the suspect, is underway. The same officer is currently on administrative leave as part of the protocol, while the investigation is rolling.

According to a separate report from the USA Today, Emily Fischer, a former classmate of Wagner said the shooting suspect was bullied while it was a student of the same high school. Wagner, a 2015 graduate of the same high school, showed interest in guns, while they were still students, the classmate added.

Fischer and Wagner graduated from the same batch. Fischer added that Wagner was on a receiving end of bullying because of poor hygiene, the report added.

“He was bullied a lot. Ever since we were younger, he was one of the kids you kind of watched out for. If someone was going to shoot the school, we thought it was going to be him,” Emily told the USA Today.

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