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Anti-aging Products: Aging Process Delayed, Life Prolonged With NAD+

Anti-aging Products: Aging Process Delayed, Life Prolonged With NAD+
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Anti-aging Products: Aging Process Delayed, Life Prolonged With NAD+

Researchers have recently discovered a chemical which they say has the potential to postpone the process of aging.

In a recent study on the mice and roundworms, they found that due to the addition of a chemical coenzyme NAD+, the physical aging of the subject was postponed and the lives extended!

Now, the scientists believe that these effects will also be seen in humans and the chemical will also help to prevent illnesses such as chronic Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

According to Daily Mail, the study was done by the researchers from University of Copenhagen’s center for Healthy aging and the American National Institute of Health examined the effects of this chemical on mice and roundworms who were bred with the illness Ataxia telangiectasia. This disease A-T is a neurodegenerative disease which creates hindrance for DNA repairs which are symptoms associated with early aging.

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According to News Medical Life Sciences, professor Vilhelm Bohr from the Center of Healthy Aging and the National Institute of Health said, “Our study recorded a decrease in NAD+ levels which is age-dependent and this decrease is far greater in the organisms who face early aging problems and a lack of DNA repairs.” It surprised them when they saw addition of NAD+ postponed the aging process and extended life in worms and in a mouse model.

Professor Bohr added, “Our new study focuses on the point that the chemical NAD+ plays a vital role in maintaining the health of the power station of the cells and their capacity to repair the genes.”

The study also showed that a DNA damage can result in malfunctioning of mitochondria and this increases neurodegeneration in A-T patients. Adding NAD+ can stop the damage happening to mitochondria.

Although the researchers have just examined the effect on model organisms, they expect to see the same effect on humans as well.

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