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Ant-Man Spoiler: Expect Comedy, Action, And More

Ant-Man Spoiler: Expect Comedy, Action, And More
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Ant-Man Spoiler: Expect Comedy, Action, And More

“Ant-Man,” the Marvel-verse movie from writer/director Edgar Wright, is a family film. The movie is already released in the UK and it is due in the USA on July 17. Before you grab your seats with your family in the theater, here are “Ant-Man” spoilers for all those more than eager to know what’s in store.

As mentioned by Bleeding Cool, this is a movie to be watched with the family and in spite of some silly moments, it is absolutely fine to watch. There is no sexuality in the movie. However, there are action sequences that are not as violent as general movies. Even “Jurassic World” had that issue but “Ant-Man” has made sure that the action sequences are stylized and look cartoon-y and wondrous.

Hank Pym has lost his wife, his daughter, and at the end, his company. For Scott Lang, the loss of marriage and self-respect as father has become an issue.

Scott is a prisoner in San Quentin and he is serving his time because he deceived a corporate company. He is not allowed to meet any visitor unless he pays maintenance. His wife and daughter is now living with a cop, but his daughter loves him a lot.

The film is a superhero movie, and it is called a heist movie, too. It has its share of comedy and when the differences of the smaller and bigger world are contrasted towards the end, it looks really great.

A device is shown in the film that can shrink everything – from tanks to buildings to people. This is surely going to make a decisive effect in the movie.

As stated by Irish Examiner, “Pictures from the set have already confirmed that Paul Rudd will be involved as Ant-Man and the film is shaping up to be chock full of various characters from the Marvel-verse.”

Apart from Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd, you are going to see Evangeline Lilly and Corey Stoll in the movie. Just watch the movie on the big screen to watch the 3D effects.

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