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Another Tesla On Autopilot Crashes, Driver Survives

Another Tesla On Autopilot Crashes, Driver Survives
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Another Tesla On Autopilot Crashes, Driver Survives

Days after Tesla admitted that one of their car crashes resulted in a fatality on a highway, another Tesla vehicle met a roadway accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. And yes, the Autopilot system was once again engaged.

On July 1, Park West Gallery owner Albert Scaglione was driving his Tesla Model X with his son-in-law Tim Yanke in the passenger seat.

Dale Vukovich of Pennsylvania State Police said that Scaglione’s vehicle was traveling east, just near mile marker 160, when it suddenly hit the guard rail “off the right side of the roadway.”

“It then crossed over the eastbound lanes and hit the concrete median,” he added.

When this happened, the Model X ended up rolling onto its roof before coming to a stop right in the middle of the eastbound lane. Meanwhile, a 2013 Infiniti G37 was moving in the westbound lane when it was struck by debris from the Model X. None of the drivers or passenger were seriously hurt in the incident.

The Detroit Free Press reports that when Vukovich responded to the incident, Scaglione had told him that he had activated his vehicle’s Model X feature prior to the crash.

Details are still scarce regarding the circumstances that led to the crashing of the Model X. It is unclear if the Autopilot being activated had something to do with the incident or Scaglione’s hands were on the wheel when the crash occurred.

Following the first case of Tesla vehicle fatality while on Autopilot, Tesla issued a statement urging its drivers to keep their hands on the wheel at all times even when the Autopilot is engaged.

“Autopilot is getting better all the time, but it is not perfect and still requires the driver to remain alert,” the company said.

Following the accident, Scaglione celebrated his 77th birthday last July 4. Meanwhile, Tesla is yet to comment on Scaglione’s crash.

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