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Anna And Josh Duggar Divorce: Domestic Violence Evidence Revealed – Reports

Anna And Josh Duggar Divorce: Domestic Violence Evidence Revealed – Reports
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Anna And Josh Duggar Divorce: Domestic Violence Evidence Revealed – Reports

Could there an an Anna and Josh Duggar divorce in the making? A recent photo ignited speculation that Anna might be experiencing domestic violence, which might result to the couple’s divorce.

In a photo posted in the Duggar family’s Facebook page, what seemed to be an ordinary outing for Anna with her kids and sisters-in-law Jill and Jinger resulted to speculation that she is being beaten up by her husband Josh.

Anna, who is standing at the left side of the photo, managed to put on a smile for the camera despite the noticeably bruised right eye, which she covered with make-up. Her lower lip is also busted open.

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Fans were quick to notice the eye and the lip, with some saying she might be a victim of domestic violence.

One said, “As a victim of domestic violence and someone who works with domestic violence victims, that is bruising. It’s not a shadow, black eyeliner smudged, a cold sore. It’s bruising. Anna, sweetheart, take care of yourself and your kids. Your kids need their mother. I know it seems like you’ll lose everything but you won’t- it’s about you and your kids! Stay safe.”

However, some fans defended Anna and said the supposed black eye was just eyeshadow.

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One Facebook user said, “I don’t see black eye cold sore or swollen lips and I zoomed in on the pictures I think they all look great ur not supposed to be judging what they look like. It a happy picture of sisters together comment on that.”

A report from said that Anna might be a battered wife amidst her rejection to file for divorce from Josh Duggar.

Last year, Josh Duggar’s name was dragged into controversy when he was slammed with charges of child molestation, pornography, and was even revealed to have an account in Ashley Madison. Josh Duggar, who is a member of the “19 Kids and Counting” reality show, was revealed to have molested five girls, four of which are his sisters, The Hollywood Gossip said in a report.

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Through his ordeal, the 28-year-old Anna Duggar stood by her husband’s side.

But are the rumored domestic abuse, if proven true, be the way for the wife to divorce Josh Duggar?

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