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Anna Bui: Photos Of ‘Dream Girl’ At The Heart Of Mukilteo Shooting

Anna Bui: Photos Of ‘Dream Girl’ At The Heart Of Mukilteo Shooting
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Anna Bui: Photos Of ‘Dream Girl’ At The Heart Of Mukilteo Shooting

Anna Bui, one of the three victims and former girlfriend of suspect in the Mukilteo shooting, is a girl who just discovered her love for traveling.

But her new found freedom was halted after she was killed by former boyfriend Allen Ivanov, who was said to be angry because him she moved on quickly from the break-up.

In her Facebook page, Anna Bui, 19-year-old, expressed how she loved traveling abroad and said that everyone must try it.

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“I’ve only been home 12 hours and I already miss the freedom I felt abroad,” she said in post dated July 6. “I think everyone needs to experience the wildness of traveling. I feel like a whole new person. Or maybe I’m just better at being myself now. Cheers!”

Anna Bui just returned home from her month-long trip to Europe and is set to take up medicine. She was enrolled in University of Washington’s Bothell campus.

The reports revealed that Allen Ivanov and Ann Bui’s relationship ended a couple of weeks ago before he committed the Mukilteo shooting. It was Ivanov who called the relationship off but apparently, he regretted his decision.

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He said he wanted to get back with his former girlfriend but was angered when he found out she has seemed to have moved on from the break-up.

The police told that Ann Bui was his “dream girl” and that she was his first kiss.

According to documents provided by Mukilteo police Detective John Ernst, 19-year-old Allen Ivanov, was angered when he saw Anna Bui, with another man while in a house party in Chennault Beach.

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It was also revealed that Ivanov has crept into the house armed with an AR-15 rife, which he bought a week before. After seeing his ex with another man, Ivanov reportedly went back to his car and read the rifle’s instruction manual on how to operate it.

Ernst said that Ivanov’s adrenaline kicked in when he was discovered by one partygoer, which triggered him to open fire. He then went into the house to find her former girlfriend and shot her twice.

Ivanov then fired at one male and another two in the master’s bedroom, Seattle Times said in a report.

The documents revealed that he returned to his car to load another magazine but he decided to drove away. He was later on arrested in Interstate 5 near Chehalis.

The two identified men who also died were 19-year-old Jordan Ebner and Jake Long. One victim brought to the Harborview Medical Center is identified as Will Kramer, Komo News reported.

An affidavit also revealed that an eyewitness close to Allen Ivanov has received messages threatening that he will have a mass shooting in the coming days.

Ivanov is being held without bail and ordered not have contact with any of the victims’ families.

Below are some photos of ‘dream girl’ Anna Bui — certainly an angel gone too soon. (c/o Facebook)


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