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Ankara Bombing: What We Know So Far About This Deadly Attack

Ankara Bombing: What We Know So Far About This Deadly Attack
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Ankara Bombing: What We Know So Far About This Deadly Attack

Three days after the Ankara bombing incident, which resulted in the death of 37 individuals, the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons, claimed responsibility over the Ankara blast.

In a statement as reported by the Guardian, the group claimed that the recent attack was carried out to avenge the death of 300 Kurds after series of military activities in the predominantly Kurdish region of Cizre in the southeast of Turkey. The group, which is also known as Tak, warned of a series of attacks against the Turkish central government.

The Ankara attack, which injured at least 125 individuals, was the first attack carried out by a female suicide bomber, the 24-year-old Seher Çağla Demir. The statement added that the main target of the Sunday attack was the security forces of the Turkish government. TAK, however, was quick to add that the 37 casualties and 125 injured individuals were inevitable. The group has since expressed its sadness over the incident.

“We claim the suicide attack that was carried out on the evening of 13 March … in the streets of the capital of the fascist Turkish republic. We claim this attack targeting centers … where decisions to massacre Kurdish people are made. This action was carried out to avenge the 300 Kurds killed in Cizre as well as our civilians who were wounded,” the group said in the statement as quoted by the Guardian.

Immediately after the Sunday attack, the Turkish government had launched air strikes targeting the TAK, which is classified by the government as a terrorist group along with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Some experts say that TAK is a breakaway from the PKK, the Deutsche Welle‎ reports.

A report from the BBC News reveals that at least 11 individuals have been arrested by the government in relation to the Ankara suicide-bombing last Sunday, following the dismantling the two-year cease-fire agreement between the Turkey government and the PKK last summer.

The report added that since the abolishment of the cease-fire at least 840 individuals have so far died due to the months of battle between the government and the militant group PKK.

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