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‘Angry Birds’ Go RPG in Epic Proportions

‘Angry Birds’ Go RPG in Epic Proportions


‘Angry Birds’ Go RPG in Epic Proportions

Don’t count ‘Angry Birds’ out yet. Rovio is of course constantly cooking up something new to make the mobile game more interesting so it could regain its former glory. This time, there are talks that the popular game is going RPG (role playing game).

The conventional ‘throw a bird at a target pig,’ which is typical of the Angry Birds franchise, should strike a difference soon. But the Finish mobile game maker is slowly revealing more details about ‘Angry Birds Epic,’ the newest and upcoming incarnation of the mobile game.

The company has released a new teaser trailer for the game recently. The next Angry Birds title is expected to be controversial and exciting at the same time.

Going RPG

Try to imagine armor-clad birds and pigs that are flying around castles. How about putting plots similar to ‘Game of Thrones’ into it? The possibilities for Angry Birds Epic could be endless for now. There are also speculations that the new game would have a ‘soft launch’ in selected countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand by the end of this week. You might be asking why those countries were picked. Nobody has any idea for now.

There is no timeline, yet for the new Angry Birds title. But it would soon be available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 8. That is when it is finally launched worldwide, according to sources. Many are also hoping it would still be a free game for mobile gamers. And we just don’t have to forget that another spinoff of Angry Birds is lined up this fall—‘Angry Birds Stella,’ featuring the newest character, a pink-feathered fowl that is about to assume the role of a villain.

More assumptions

Some sources claim that Angry Birds might finally be voiced and subtitled when it goes RPG soon. It may not be a surprise for this type of genre. But it would surely be a surprise for Angry Birds fans. It would also be exciting to put plot into the popular mobile game, which would soon go beyond just knocking down those nasty pigs.

There would also be other additional resources to be featured in the game. Those are expected to further up the adventure. There would be ‘knight’ and ‘mage’ classes in the epic adventures within the ‘Piggy Island.’ For now, we could just assume so much. Let’s wait a little further.

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