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Angelina Jolie Dead: Health Conditions, Not Brad Pitt Lead To Suicide – Hoax!

Angelina Jolie Dead: Health Conditions, Not Brad Pitt Lead To Suicide – Hoax!
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Angelina Jolie Dead: Health Conditions, Not Brad Pitt Lead To Suicide – Hoax!

Editor’s note: You are viewing Morning News USA’s Debunked section. This section contains news that we have investigated and uncovered to be fake news, satire news, hoaxes and urban legends.

Angelina Jolie is dead! Fans freaked out after hearing about the alleged death of the Hollywood superstar. The news about her passing spread like wildfire, with some fans believing that the American actress took her own life. But is there any concrete proof to prove this claim?

The news about Jolie’s death started when an alleged suicide video of her surfaced on Facebook, showing a CNN-like report. In the “video,” the 41-year-old allegedly said goodbye to husband Brad Pitt, their six children and her fans who supported her throughout the years.

Fans who were made to believe about the unfortunate incident speculated that Jolie committed suicide because of her failing health condition. Netizens previously expressed concern about her skinny look over the past several weeks.

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At first glance, fans (like us) will likely believe because of how dejected Jolie looked in the video snippet. But upon hovering on the link, a careful Facebook user will immediately get a hint that it is not a legitimate post. In short, this is just one of the celebrity death hoaxes that are common nowadays. Check the image below.

Angelina Jolie Dead? No, Just Another Hoax

Angelina Jolie Dead? No, Just Another Hoax

While we clicked on the alleged link to the video, we did not hesitate to close it out after it asked for more details about our Facebook account. It was just a made-up news that was created to get attention of users, who, if not careful, will divulge critical information about their Facebook profile. The link could also contain malware that will put a computer or a device at risk.

But while the new Angelina Jolie death rumor is just a hoax, fans are still concerned about her health condition. Earlier this year, International Business Times reported that Jolie lost 79 pounds in a month. Photos showing her skinny figure also raised speculation that the Academy Award-winning actress is dealing with a bone disease.

Previous reports also suggested that Jolie received an offer to star in “Maleficent” sequel. However, the California native, who was once named as the highest paid actress in Hollywood, begged off, which further intensified talks about her mysterious disease. But up to this point, all reports about her health should be taken with a grain of salt.

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