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Android Wear Now Works With iPhone

Android Wear Now Works With iPhone
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Android Wear Now Works With iPhone

Android wear is now compatible with Apple. Yes, Google has released an application that would connect Android smart watches with iOS.

Android wear is now compatible with Apple. Yes, Google has released an application that would connect Android smartwatches with iOS.

It is reported that Google has launched this application in an attempt to boost the sales of Android Wear currently in the market. The application that assists in connecting Android Wear with Apple’s iOS is made available in Apple’s app store on Monday, according to US News.

Android watches were able to be connected with smartphones running Android software whereas Apple watches could be synchronized exclusively with iPhones. The new application released by Google would help in linking Android wear with iPhones, enabling the user to browse Facebook, emails, event notification, directions and fitness information. Android Wear, though connected with iOS, won’t be able to run all the applications the user has installed in the iPhone.

IDC analyst Ramon Llamas noted on Google’s move that Android watches won’t be preferred by “the fan boys and fan girls that have to have absolutely everything with an Apple logo on it.” He also added that “We are talking about going after people who are open to other possibilities with what they can do with their devices.”

“This is a shrewd move by Google to expand its potential market. There is only so much space available on each wrist.” Llamas said.

Android Wear that is compatible with Apple’s iPhone are the Huawei Watch, the Asus ZenWatch 2, and the LG Watch Urbane. It is to be noted that two of the three watches are still under making.

Jeff Chang, the lead product manager for Wear, told The Verge that “Our vision is a lot of diversity of hardware choices regardless of what phone you use. You’ll be able to get the watch you want.”

Chang also noted on the new application, “Basically, like any other iOS developer, we work with Apple to make sure we understand and abide by their guidelines, what the policies for the apps are. That’s what we’re doing, and we’ll continue to do that as we make updates to the app in the future.”

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