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Android Rooting Vulnerability: Of Bugs, Announcements & Fixes

Android Rooting Vulnerability: Of Bugs, Announcements & Fixes
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Android Rooting Vulnerability: Of Bugs, Announcements & Fixes

It should not come as a surprise if one of the issues that keeps popping up revolves around security. In almost all update and/or fix you can most certainly observe that it is one of the issues addressed. And for Android phones, particularly the Nexus models, this issue was addressed this month as it was revealed that a critical security issue has arisen – the Android rooting vulnerability was unveiled.

Based on their findings, a good number of Android phones, which include the Nexus series, are vulnerable to attacks of executable malicious codes, which in turn, can take control of the phone’s core functions almost permanently, reports Ars Technica.

And in connection to that issue according to the Google security advisory, officials have found out that an unidentified rooting application exploiting the said Android rooting vulnerability in the kernel of some Android devices (CVE-2015-1805). One can control how it can affect their device as it can only start affecting the device if the user agrees to install it.

The officials don’t think that the app was doing it for ill purposes. But regardless of the reason, they have already blocked the app in question within and outside the Google Play Store through the use of Verify Apps. They have also updated their system in order to detect apps that use the said specific Android rooting vulnerability.

The advisory also says that Google has already provided its partners a patch for the said issue last March 16. Meanwhile, Nexus users can rest assured that Google is already in the process of fixing it through an update or a patch that will be possibly released anytime soon. For the techies, a source code patch has been released to the Android Open Source Project or AOSP repository.

The issue, though not that big, is a slight cause for worry for all devices that didn’t have the latest security patch released this March 18 or later, as they are vulnerable to attacks. So be sure to have your latest patches installed. And remember, sometimes not all apps are worth installing. Better safe than sorry!

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