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Android Pay To Make Second Overseas Debut In The UK?

Android Pay To Make Second Overseas Debut In The UK?
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Android Pay To Make Second Overseas Debut In The UK?

Nowadays everything can almost be done with the use of a smartphone. One such application entails the use of the smartphone for paying for purchases “card-less” and “cash-less” like how Apple Pay works. But the paying platform available in several locations is about to get a new competition in the United Kingdom as Android Pay, a recently established competitor is reported to be launched there soon.

Industry sources say that Google will announce that its payment platform will be rolling out in Britain by the end of March. Telegraph says that this move will be a major boost to the industry of mobile payments because more than half of the devices that are sold in the UK are Android phones.

On the other hand, it is also reported that Samsung Pay, another digital wallet from the known South Korean tech firm is also due to launch in Britain this year. Somehow, the UK is now being seen as the battleground for digital wallets as it has the widest availability of contactless terminals and highest take-up of card payments.

Additionally, Fortune reports that Android Pay’s debut in the UK is a major step forward for Google and it will also be the second international market for the payment platform to target. It could be recalled that the search engine has announced last December that its digital wallet will be arriving overseas or the first time early 2016 in Australia.

So what is Android Pay and how does it really work? It is Google’s version of a tap and pay wallet. It was rolled out first in the US last September and it works with NFC chips that are built into mobile devices and contactless terminal. As of now, there are more than a million locations within the US that accepts the tap and pay transaction and more locations are said to be added almost every day reports Daily Mail.

On using the digital wallet, the user just have to unlock their device and place it near the contactless terminal of the shop where they need to make a purchase. The user will then see a payment confirmation and get the transaction details sent to their smartphone. Special offers and loyalty points are offered by selected merchants are automatically applied upon checkout. It can also be used for online transactions using the option – “Buy with Android Pay.”

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