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Android Nougat Now Available With Huawei P9: The Good and Bad

Android Nougat Now Available With Huawei P9: The Good and Bad
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Android Nougat Now Available With Huawei P9: The Good and Bad

Google is expected to release the Android 7.0 update or Android Nougat. But while the rest of the market is waiting, the software has reportedly leaked to Huawei’s P9.

Since many are expecting to receive the update late, with the earliest in the fourth quarter, seeing the Android firmware on another device aside the Nexus line offers some insights. What could the Android Nougat offer and will it be a success?

Huawei P9 Android Nougat Update

Google has released a number of beta builds in the name of Android Nougat but the actual release may still be far for other devices – if previous traditions and schedules were to be noted.

Nexus lines are always first in line with the rest of the Android kingdom left to wait for the rollout. This time, it appears that a device outside the Nexus realm got a one up: the Android Nougat has leaked to Huawei P9.

However, Know Your Mobile argues that some custom Android skins could not be a good addition. For instance, Huawei’s take on the matter did not register well with the publication.

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“This is basically the reason I always use Nexus phones; I simply cannot stand custom Android overlays. Huawei’s is particularly bad as well,” wrote Richard Goodwin.

Huawei P9 Changelog

The leak supposedly stemmed when Huawei’s mistakenly released an Android OTA for the P9. Unfortunately, XDA caught it and released a link. This also means that Huawei P9 owners can now download the Android N test build.

Other reported changes include:

  • Added Multi-user support
  • optimized interactive gestures
  • Added Huawei’s ROG power saving technology for the first time (can decrease screen resolution to save power)
  • General optimizations

As noted by XDA, the update is accessible for system version EMUI 5.0. EMUI 5.0. It offers camera optimization,  battery management, and Phone Manager, and adds multi-user mode, to provide a secure and unique experience for the user.

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