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Android N Preview Roundup: Overview Button, Balance Calibration and More

Android N Preview Roundup: Overview Button, Balance Calibration and More
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Android N Preview Roundup: Overview Button, Balance Calibration and More

Google will be releasing the Android N update reportedly during the I/O Conference and while no final details have come out, several screenshots and leaks provide more information. Will the Android N be Google’s next best update or will it be a flop?

It appears that Google is taking app switching to the next level with Android N. The update will supposedly come with an overview button, allowing people to switch between open apps without needing to touch anything except the button provided. Users can flip through their past and present apps through the double-tap option on the overview button, according to Android Police.

While this is something that ROMs already offer, Google’s version allows people to cycle through all their apps that are open. There will be a countdown progress bar on each card that will zoom out the present app quickly unless the user hits the button. Most people will likely see the overview button as a powerful addition to the mobile OS.

Another treat that Android N might offer is a color balance calibration function. Imagine different phone screens with similar specs but display colors uniquely. For users who get frustrated over such things then Android N may have the answer. According to another report from Android Police, the update will offer a system UI tuner complete with color calibration menu. Users can expect sliders for colors like blue, green and red. People will need to activate the UI tuner to reveal the color calibration menu. This can be found under the Color and appearance” sub-menu. What is interesting is that it is bare as it can be without any saved configurations or profiles.

Google has yet to reveal all the details of the update. All information provided must be taken with a grain of salt as changes could still be on the way.

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