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Android N Is Bringing Apple’s 3D Touch Displays To Android Phones?

Android N Is Bringing Apple’s 3D Touch Displays To Android Phones?


Android N Is Bringing Apple’s 3D Touch Displays To Android Phones?

Even before Android Marshmallow rolled out on all the compatible devices, Android N news started doing rounds. It has been in the news since showing improvements on Android M, as well as introducing new features. Now, the latest buzz is that Android N is bringing a feature similar to Apple’s 3D touch displays to all the Android phones.

Reports suggest that in the Google’s Android N Developer Preview 2 code, an iPhone 6S-like feature was found. What is this Apple’s 3D Touch Displays feature that is coming to Android Phones? It’s none other than the “pressure-sensitive displays.”

The Inquirer, while writing about the launching of 3D Touch displays or pressure-sensitive displays on Android N wrote, “It’s unclear how exactly the feature will work in Android N, but Google offered four potential scenarios in its release notes: navigating to a particular location in a mapping app; sending messages to a friend in a communication app; playing the next episode of a TV programme in a media app; and loading the last save point in a gaming app.” Google has also confirmed that the 3D touch-like feature is coming to Android devices with Android N.

What to expect from this upcoming feature? Do not expect the existing phones’ display to turn into pressure-sensitive screens. Not all upcoming Android N phones will come with this feature and may come only to select devices. As per Phandroid’s report, the publication that first spotted the feature in the Developer Preview 2, says that for the feature to work you need to download a launcher. So, are you ready for pressure-sensitive displays on Android N compatible phones?

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