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Android N Freeform Window Mode: Multi-Windows and Recent Apps

Android N Freeform Window Mode: Multi-Windows and Recent Apps
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Android N Freeform Window Mode: Multi-Windows and Recent Apps

If you love hearing about Google’s Android N, we’ve great news for you. We bring you the latest from the tech giant’s brewing OS, which was first reported last week and has now released more details – the Android N freeform window mode.

Last week, the tech giant has been full of surprises – plans for better encryption, latest product releases  and new clients for their cloud platform. This week is no different. Ars Technica reported how brief mentions and carefully dropped hints from the code pointed to Android having apps displayed on floating windows that looks so familiar, it might also point out to the makings of a new desktop operating system.

The freeform window mode works on Android N phones and tablets. Technically, the new mode isn’t supposed to be working or accessible now, but thanks to tech enthusiast Zhuowei Zhang sharing his tricks on how to make it work, almost half of those interested have probably tried it already.

The new mode that we have a glimpse so far deals with being able to split screens similar to what was last seen on the Android M Developer Preview. The new OS also shows that there will be floating windows with title bars you can drag. However, this proved to be not so polished, as for now, it is practically impossible to text and watch YouTube.

A new feature for the upcoming OS involves being able to save windows of recently accessed apps. There is also a surprising mouse support wherein the pointer changes to the standard resize symbol when you hover over the edges of the apps. Although it isn’t as developed for now, it does lend further credence that the new mode isn’t just a lame copy of Samsung’s existing multi-window, which is what some think.

It is noted though that despite this interesting features, it is obvious that Android N freeform window mode is very much still a work in progress, which can only run one app at a time. It is a little bit buggy in general as described by Techno Buffalo.

Liliputing has also noted that there are some lacking features from the said mode like a taskbar. There is some minor tweaking that needs to be done as well. It is obvious that this is still far from the final version of Android N coming this summer.

Android Headlines notes that the multi-window feature was first seen in Android M, which was released last year, presumably a beta version and has been noticed missing by the end of its final release in October.

This means as excited as we could be, if the tech giant isn’t able to fix the current issues it has and/or polish it enough; then it will remain as what it is: just a rumored detail, a leak or a plan gone cold. For now though, if you’re an enthusiast you can try the mode now.

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