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Android N Features Stolen From iOS 9? Is Google Doing Better Than Apple?

Android N Features Stolen From iOS 9? Is Google Doing Better Than Apple?
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Android N Features Stolen From iOS 9? Is Google Doing Better Than Apple?

When it comes to taking inspiration from competitors, no brand has ever lagged behind. Google and Apple have always been observing each other, not letting a chance pass by to imitate the move of the other.

While Google took inspiration from Siri and Touch ID, Apple brought widgets and third-party keyboards to iOS. This doesn’t seem to be stopping as Android N features also seem to have taken inspiration from none other than Apple’s iOS.

Android N is releasing sooner than expected. As the operating system is out for testing, here are the Android N features that Google has borrowed from Apple and has improved them for its own OS. Battery saving is the need of the hour. Though cell phone batteries are improving, they are unfortunately not yet powerful enough to tolerate the advanced ways of smartphones.

If you love to play games or stream music on your phone, battery life is shortened further. For example, a battery that usually lasts for 8 hours can be cut short to 4 hours. iOS 9 already had a low-power mode option that when turned on turns off background apps and compromises performance to save the iPhone battery.

Google then introduced the Doze feature on Android M. Again, an improved version of iOS 9’s feature. You do not have to turn it on. It automatically works to save your phone’s battery. Now, Doze, one of the Android N features, will be activated as soon as you turn off your screen.

As per a report published on Macworld, quick settings, one of the Android N features, which was available on Android M, has been tweaked and now resembles the iOS 9 feature. The report says, “Google has taken a page from iOS in version N. A single swipe down immediately reveals a set of five icons, and if you swipe a second time you’ll be able to edit the ones that appear as favorites.”

Quick switch between apps is also something companies have been trying to incorporate on mobile phones. In the same report, Macworld also mentioned, “Both Apple and Google have developed shortcuts in the way of back buttons; Android’s permanent button below the screen goes back one step (which may or may not actually return to the last used app) while iOS 9 introduced the handy “back to” button that appears in the status bar).”

This advanced version of quick switching between apps of iOS 9 will now be another addition to Android N features inspired by iOS 9.

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