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Android N Beta Better Than iOS 10 – Report

Android N Beta Better Than iOS 10 – Report
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Android N Beta Better Than iOS 10 – Report

The unceasing war continues as two of the greatest mobile phone giants – Apple and Google – are set to go head-to-head again this year. Google will be launching its latest operating system Android N, and Apple will be countering that with the launch of iOS 10. But which one will prove to be better?

Google has unexpectedly been chirpy about its latest OS release, revealing specs and features of Android N ahead of its release, reports The Verge. It has taken things to the next level by announcing the release of a “beta” version of the product, which, according to its claims, is performance-ready.

However, download is limited to a few selective devices, including Nexus and Pixel C tablet. If the beta version indeed happens to mimic the final version product, it might not be good news for Apple’s iOS 10.

Value Walk has broken down the main attractions of Android N Beta:

  • An instant-switch, multitasking option – Google has finally answered the desire of Android buffs to have a multi-tasking option, where one can split the screen of a tablet or phone and accomplish two or more tasks simultaneously. This “quick-switch” feature comes with a task-switching button, which can be held down to split the screen and double-click to return to the latest task.
  • Revamped notification bar – The notification bar has been completely renovated, making it more functional than ever. It is now neater, compact, and spacious. Now, one has the option to click a button instead of swiping to expand each alert. The amount of space dedicated to each notification is higher than before, containing more info and enabling you to act faster.
  • Clever new Settings menu – The new Settings is crisp and informative at the same time, which is a welcome change. Now, bits of vital info are displayed beneath each option, which saves you the trouble of menu-diving if all you are looking for is primary info.

As for iOS 10, there has been no concrete confirmation of any feature, since Apple has been mum about the entire release. Here are some of the potential specs that have been circulating as rumors:

  • Availability status check – One of the mind-blowing rumors about iOS 10 is that it might include a feature that allows people to know which friends and acquaintances in Contact are available to talk or text, much like the “online/offline” feature in Facebook. This will be done via an external server that will keep track of the availability status of iOS 10 users and relay them accordingly.
  • Wi-Fi memory – As if Wi-Fi was not smart enough, it is now going to be bestowed with the power of memory. The Wi-Fi feature on one’s iPhone will remember which Wi-Fi connections it used before and where. It will automatically switch on as soon as it reaches the vicinity of a connection it recognizes, and switch off on its own after leaving that area.

So which of these two upcoming operating systems sounds more impressive? Is Android N Beta really set out to beat iOS 10 this time? Let us know your opinion by leaving a comment below.

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