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Android M Features Users Will Love

Android M Features Users Will Love
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Android M Features Users Will Love

Tech blogs have spoken, saying that Android M won’t bring as much groundbreaking changes compared to Android 5.0 Lollipop. Still, there is no denying that major tweaks and improvements are being anticipated.

In a slideshow, Green Bot has collected every nifty feature Google has packed within Android M. Here are a few that Android loyalists will surely love as soon as the new version ships in to their device.

– A new and improved app drawer will finally give users a way to open their favorite apps using an access bar. With a few taps, the most-used applications will be opened in a few seconds.

– If you think uninstalling apps has always been easy, you’d be surprised as to how Android M handles such. From the home screen, you can simply drag an app over the option that says “Uninstall.” There you go. The app is uninstalled!

Google Now access from the lock screen has become easier. You simply need to swipe from the lower left part of the screen.

– Still not satisfied with battery life? Lollipop may have a battery-saver mode, but Android M comes with “doze mode,” which automatically limits the power certain apps consume when the device is inactive for a certain amount of time.

– With Android M, you can finally rotate the homescreen by going to Settings, then Google, then Search & Now, then Allow rotation.

– Just like a desktop computer, users can separately adjust the volume of their device, whether it is the volume for Media, for Alarm, or for the Ringtones.

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