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Android Apps Not Coming To ‘Windows 10’; Project Astoria Shelved Or Put On Hold?

Android Apps Not Coming To ‘Windows 10’; Project Astoria Shelved Or Put On Hold?
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Android Apps Not Coming To ‘Windows 10’; Project Astoria Shelved Or Put On Hold?

Here’s some bad news for Windows 10 users. Android apps are not coming to Microsoft’s latest operating system. Read on to know why.

Android and iOS are the major operating systems we have today. The other existing operating systems of different brands failed after these two OS emerged. Many of the companies are now relying on both systems for survival.

With the current news, it looks like BlackBerry has managed to come back with a bang by switching to Android. Microsoft was going to try its hand at something like that as well.

There was buzz in the industry that Microsoft is working on bringing Android apps to “Windows 10.” Right now, this looks impossible, as there are news doing the rounds that Project Astoria may never become a reality. As per The Verge’s report, Microsoft no longer has dedicated employees for its Android porting app. The same report mentions that “Microsoft has also removed the Android subsystem, that enabled ported apps to run on Windows, from its final version of Windows 10 Mobile.”

Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President, Windows and Devices Group has mentioned that the company is comfortable concentrating only on iOS. Here are a few reasons why Project Astoria might be put on hold:

-The project was getting expensive as the company needed more manpower. As per the Geek’s report, porting to Android required a team of 60 to 80 engineers, whereas the iOS-porting tool required just five.

-Microsoft was also concerned about the “impact the Android layer had on Windows 10,” says the story published on Geek. Bringing Android apps to Windows 10 could have resulted into poor performance.

-There were chances of a legal battle between Microsoft and Google.

Right now, it looks like the project has been shelved, as Microsoft is more dedicated towards iOS. With time, the company may once again switch its focus to Android and bring the operating system’s apps to Windows 10.

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