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Andranik Karapetyan: Video, Photos Of Armenian Weightlifter Dislocating Elbow [Graphic]

Andranik Karapetyan: Video, Photos Of Armenian Weightlifter Dislocating Elbow [Graphic]
Andranik Karapetyan accidente en las olympiadas 08 10 2016 YouTube / Canal TDT


Andranik Karapetyan: Video, Photos Of Armenian Weightlifter Dislocating Elbow [Graphic]

Just like any athlete who competes in the Rio Olympics, Armenian Andranik Karapetyan aimed to bring home the gold medal, until his dream was shattered when his elbow broke while lifting 195 kilograms of weights.

Hopes were high for the Armenian weightlifting team, especially since Karapetyan is the reigning world champion in the 77 kilos weightlifting category. The crowd witnessed the entire event when Karapetyan’s elbow popped, Dead Spin reported.

Broken Elbow

Screams ensued after the graphic and chilling show, which the audience didn’t see coming. Videos and photos of the event spread on social media like wildfire. One photo shows that even Karapetyan’s coach couldn’t manage to look at him after his elbow appeared disfigured and dislocated.

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Before the chilling event, many believe that the 20-year-old weightlifter would bag the gold in his category. Moments before his elbow popped, it seemed obvious he can barely lift the 195-kilo weights on his second attempt.

His coach appeared emotional during the shocking event. Karapetyan was escorted by courtside martials and was brought to the nearest hospital, the SB Nation reported.

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Despite the unfortunate incident, the show must go on. Nijat Rahimov bagged the gold while China’s Xiaojun Lyu and and Mohamad Mahmoud of Egypt rounded up the silver and bronze medal, respectively.

More Incidents

Meanwhile, untoward incidents are part of Olympics, and several equally disturbing scenes have already happened in several events.

Also in Rio Olympics 2016, a gymnast broke his leg when he did one routine. The gymnast landed on the wrong foot, and to make the already tragic story even worse, the stretcher used to carry him broke when he was lifted. He was immediately rushed to the hospital.

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