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Amy Schumer Racist: Comedian Reportedly Claims Men Of Color Are Harrasers, Rapists

Amy Schumer Racist: Comedian Reportedly Claims Men Of Color Are Harrasers, Rapists
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Amy Schumer Racist: Comedian Reportedly Claims Men Of Color Are Harrasers, Rapists

Little did comedian Amy Schumer expect that the Lena Dunham controversy could put her in trouble while posting a racist comment on Twitter. Although she was quick to delete the tweet that implied men of color catcall more often than white men, she could not divert the backlash that followed.

After Dunham took a dig at NFL player Odell Beckham Jr during a conversation with Schumer saying he ignored her at the Met Gala because he did not find her sexually appealing, the social media went abuzz with criticisms for Dunham. Although initially, Dunham dismissed the comment saying it was a joke, she later posted a lengthy apology on Instagram, The Federalist reported.

In the wake of the controversy, a Twitter user by the name Paulo L. dos Santos, who is an economics professor at the New School, tweeted, “Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, et. al. refuse 2C that misogyny among men of color, while hideously prevalent, is no more so than among white men.”

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To this, Schumer replied, “how would you know? Statistically who is hollerin at you in the street more pa?”

The comedian seemed to have immediately realised the consequences of her comment and deleted it. However, there were many who acted faster than her and took a screenshot of the post which went viral, provoking criticisms all over the social media, the Refinery29 reported.

Her comment implicitly asserted that men of color are more likely to catcall and harass women and are more misogynistic in nature than white men.

Amy Schumer has faced controversy for her racist stand on earlier occasions as well. The Flavorwire reported that during a stand-up routine she said, “I used to sleep with mostly Hispanic guys — but now I prefer consensual!”

After her comment of ‘Hispanic’ men triggered a backlash, she apologised saying, “I am taking responsibility and hope I haven’t hurt anyone. And I apologize if I did.” She also added that she is evolving as an artist.

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