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AmEx Introduces Its Most Mobile Integrated and Rewards-Focused Credit Card

AmEx Introduces Its Most Mobile Integrated and Rewards-Focused Credit Card


AmEx Introduces Its Most Mobile Integrated and Rewards-Focused Credit Card

American Express has provided various cards for customers such as The Blue Card for users who love to have the cash back options while the Platinum Card is mostly suited to those who travel a lot. The Black Card is also available for high-net worth people. Today, the company is going to make a debut of brand-new Credit Card focused on rewards names as Everyday that is aimed for users who use AmEx for their daily shopping.

Although AmEx Everyday card monitors the daily purchasing of frequent spender, yet it is focused on the busy mothers. AmEx President of US Consumer Services revealed the fact that typical users employ credit and debit cards at least twice a day on average. According to research, Moms spend 18% more on monthly expenses than the general public.

The card provides the option of a revolving balance and doesn’t have a yearly fee. The users will get the double reward points for shopping in the supermarkets. If the member of Everyday card does the shopping of 20 or more purchases in a given month, he will be boosted with the additional 20% bonus points.

From the point of view of technology, the most interesting thing is the integration with AmEx mobile’s App. When you integrate your card details after opening the app, it will show you the details where you currently stand in the pursuit of 20 purchases. Users will also get notifications when they assign rewards points for their purchases.

This feature is mostly rolled out with Everyday card. You can easily use the rewards right away. These points will be redeemed via your mobile phone and the deduction will be applied at your AmEx bill.

The integration of cards with the AmEx services has brought revolution in the life of people for daily purchasing.  The cards will be available for purchase by the customers if they apply by April 2, 2014. It will also contain an EMV chip.

It’s really not surprising that AmEx is attracting the busy moms who are often involved in the household shopping.

The most amazing thing is the integration with the mobile apps. It’s remarkable that you get information about your bills and payments through your mobile now. The app contains interesting features for users to open it more frequently. It is more focused on rewards for users who love multitasking.

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